The Black Diamond Challenge

The Black Diamond ChallengeThe $4M Gtd BDPO offers plenty of action for any type of player, but for those of you with a big appetite for competition and prizes, the Contender Series is offering a three week challenge on social media from February 9 until March 1 that you’re going to love. We’ll be giving away 10 $22 tournament tickets to any BDPO event to players who meet the challenge objectives. There will be a new challenge every week for three weeks so be sure to keep up the momentum.

Week 1: Facebook Blog Challenge (February 9 to February 15)

For this challenge, we will scatter BDPO diamonds in random places on our blog and Facebook page. (For your reference – the BDPO diamond looks like this: ◊) The player objective will be to count how many you find and send us a private message with the number you come up with by February 15. You may re-submit your answer if you find more but only your last guess will be counted. The cut-off for submitting your total is February 15 at midnight and the first 10 people to find all the diamonds will be awarded with a $22 tournament ticket to any BDPO event. If there are not 10 people who find them all, we will give out the tickets to the 10 closest answers.

Week 2: Twitter Challenge (February 16 to February 22)

For week two, your challenge will be to write an interesting poker scenario and send it to us on Twitter. Your write-up can be no more than 140 characters in length. The top 10 submissions each win a $22 BDPO tournament ticket to any BDPO event.

Week 3: Instagram Challenge (February 23 to March 1)

In our final challenge, we’re asking players to take a photo related to the Black Diamond Poker Open and post it on Instagram before February 22. Tag your photo submission with #ILoveBovada and #BovadaPoker. If your photo submission is one of the top 10 best diamonds you will be awarded with a $22 tournament ticket to any BDPO event. Be creative and original!

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