A Poker Player’s View

Alejandro Duque first deposited on Bovada in August 2018. He made two deposits for a total of $80. Within one year, he had turned that $80 into over $25,000. Here are some of his thoughts and opinions regarding online poker.

1.What tournaments have you played at Bovada? Which ones do you like best?

I have played over 4,500 multi-table tournaments (MTTs) on Bovada over the last two years. My first MTT on Bovada was a $5.50 buy-in, six-max tournament that I played in September of 2018. I went on to get first place in that tournament for about $70, and I was instantly hooked. I was very lucky to win it and also very lucky to never lose the $70 afterward. I slowly built up that money until I had about $5,000 in profit many months later.
Nowadays, my regular schedule includes every single tournament over an $11 buy-in on Bovada, including my favorite – the $162 on Sunday and the $215 as well.

2.Who sits at your dream poker table?

Me and five other billionaires who have no idea what they are doing. That’s a joke, but in all seriousness, I’d love to play with Phil Ivey because he is considered the best; Daniel Negreanu because he has a great attitude at the table but is still a very tough player; Phil Hellmuth because he is hilarious and I’d love to put a beat on him; Vanessa Selbst because she is one of the top players in the world, and finally the late Stu Unger. Although he is not with us anymore, I have heard amazing things about him and I believe if he was alive today he would still be competing with the best of them.

3.What advice would you give to novice players for staying in the game?

The most important thing to remember first is to have fun. After all, it’s just a game, and we play because we love it and because it’s an awesome game. Bankroll management and staying within your means is very important. Lastly, everyone gets their turn to both get lucky and unlucky, so if you are going through a bad streak remember that eventually, your time will come to get lucky again.

4.How would you describe yourself as a poker player?

I consider myself a very seasoned poker player. I have played millions and millions of hands, and I’ve seen it all. In general, I am very aggressive and force my opponents to make very tough decisions every chance I get.

5.What bad habits have you eliminated from your game over the years?

I am very disciplined and I rarely ever go on tilt. I have had enough bad luck in poker to know that it is bound to happen, so it’s important to stay focused and make the best decisions possible. I also know how to manage my money in poker, so that I will never go broke. Lastly, I do not ever berate players at the table. I believe that everyone has the right to play however they want, after all, it’s their money they are putting on the line.

6.Do you have any superstitions that you believe help you with your game?

I always try to be player #7 whenever I play in tournaments because it’s my brother’s favorite number, and he’s the luckiest person I know!

7.What do you like the most about playing poker at Bovada?

I love the fact that there are so many players, and that I can play any type of game at any time. Bovada is an amazing site with so many options and great software as well. I also love that Bovada is extremely consistent with cash outs. I believe Bovada is the best poker website available to USA players by far.

8.What is the best hand that you’ve ever had?

A Poker Player's ViewThe best hand I ever played was this year at the 2014 World Series of Poker. This was my first year playing in the WSOP, and I wanted to prove that I could test my skills against the best competition. In this particular hand, I was playing against a well know female professional in a $1,500 six-max bracelet event. It was a blind vs blind situation where I raised from the small blind, and she called. We both checked the flop; I bet the turn and she called. Then I bet the river, and she raised me. I then decided to re-raise her and after much thought… she folded.

To quote Rounders: “Did you have it Alejandro?”
(I did not have it).

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