Budd Blackburn
Co-Founder, Team Velocity

As co-founder of Team Velocity, Budd Blackburn developed its Perfect Prospect Technology, which ranks a dealership’s customers and prospects based on their statistical probability of either purchasing or servicing their vehicles with the dealership during the next quarter.

Budd Blackburn combines his retail and training backgrounds to bring best practices to many of the nation’s top automotive groups. He is dedicated a results-driven strategy that has proven to set him apart from the crowd and attributes much of his success to his ability to “think like a customer.”

Prior to co-founding Team Velocity, Blackburn served as sales leader for Cyber Car and AutoMark. He also earned a decade of experience at Half A Car, one of the largest automotive consulting companies in the world, where he had the opportunity to learn from the top names in the car business.

Over the course of his career, Blackburn has led automotive industry businesses that have counted as clients 15 OEMs, 76 of the top 100 dealers groups, and over 4,000 individual dealers across 18 countries.

Blackburn’s roots are in Colorado, where he grew up on his family’s cattle ranch before beginning his career in automotive retail and graduating from the NADA Dealer Academy. From sales to General Management, Blackburn describes himself as “addicted” to the car business.

Blackburn lives in Hamilton, Virginia, with his wife and daughter.